Paris in the Springtime

Warning:  long, waffling post 🙂

DSC_0003We took the fast train to Paris on the weekend.  Zurich to Paris in four hours.  Incredible.  This board on the train kept us up to date about how fast we were travelling.  320km/hr at one stage.  Again, incredible.  We were in 2nd class and it was really comfortable.  I am a fan.


We arrived just after lunchtime, checked into our hotel, and headed straight to the Eiffel Tower.  I have to say the weather made hard work of it.  Rain, wind and cold.  And a lot of people….

DSC_0007But none of that can take away the beauty of the Eiffel Tower.  It is really breath-taking.  It is so much bigger than you imagine.  It makes your heart skip a beat.  I have seen it before but still felt the excitement of watching it come into view.  Claudia was beside herself.

DSC_0020We decided to climb the stairs to the second level (the lines were shorter than for the lift but still took us over an hour).  We climbed 300 steps to the first level.  And then 760 to the second level.  In the rain, wind and cold.  Despite the weather, most people were in a pretty good mood.  Except the women who wanted to look cute in their high heels….. Really.  Wear joggers.

DSC_0032This picture shows the old and the new.  The newer parts of the city are in the background and in person are a stark contrast to the beautiful old buildings.

DSC_0033Paris is massive.  From up high you start to get a sense of just how big it is.  Over nine million people.  Surprisingly it is really easy to get around and feels much smaller because of the super-efficient Metro.

DSC_0056We took the elevator from the second floor to the top.  There was over an hour wait to get in.  We were cold, exhausted and wind blown by the time we got out at the top.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

DSC_0065So beautiful.  Apparently there were a group of artists at the time this was built who wanted it torn down because they thought it was hideous.

DSC_0068It was about 8pm when we headed to the River Seine for a boat cruise.

DSC_0072This represents our boat ride perfectly.  Rain streaming down the windows.  It was still lovely.

DSC_0076The Louvre….

DSC_0083The Lover’s Bridge….

DSC_0090The Statue of Liberty…..


2 thoughts on “Paris in the Springtime

  1. Hi Jen, Did you see Andrew and Julia’s padlock on the lovers bridge? He proposed to her there and they then attached a padlock to commemorate the occasion. With the number of padlocks I am sure their’s would be easy to spot! Julia planned their wedding with a Paris theme as they loved the cityl. You look cold – “red nose” is a giveaway. Claudia is getting to tall. She looks just like you. Enjoy.

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