Notre Dame, Pont Neuf, Lover’s Bridge & Bastille Market

DSC_0267On our last day in Paris we again braved the awful weather to see a few more things before we had to head home.  Notre Dame is an incredible piece of architecture.  It was hard to get good photos in the pouring rain but a lot of people were trying!

DSC_0282The famous Pont Neuf – the oldest bridge in Paris.

DSC_0285People have started attaching love-locks here as well.

DSC_0295We went to the Lover’s Bridge to add our piece of history to Paris.

DSC_0296There are millions of locks attached to the railing.  So we picked a spot in the middle of the bridge that we could hopefully remember if we ever get back here….

DSC_0291And squeezed our lock next to a couple of locks that were fairly easy to identify.

DSC_0293Then we all threw a key into the River Seine.  We dedicated our lock to lifelong love, happiness and good health.

DSC_0305With a very short amount of time left we quickly jumped on the Metro and headed to Bastille where a market was in progress.  It was love at first sight for me when I saw this brass bar/dessert cart.  It was in fantastic condition (although was missing a piece of glass) and we spent a few frantic minutes trying to work out if we could dismantle it to take it with us on the train.  Unfortunately I had to leave it for someone else… I am still lamenting the loss of my great find.  It was only 30 euros and I’m pretty sure we could have talked the price down.  Ok, sob sob, moving on……

DSC_0306As we left the Metro we discovered busking, Paris style.  A string section playing Pachelbel’s canon in D.  It was wonderful and echoed all through the many tunnels of the Metro.  A memorable finish to our stay in Paris.



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