Rainy days and thoughts of food


This motel at the end of our driveway has a restaurant – we went there for dinner last week to celebrate our niece’s birthday.  Most Swiss restaurants serve traditional food that is simple and hearty.  You can almost always expect a variety of schnitzels – pork is especially good here and is something I don’t usually like in Australia.  There is often a sausage salad – sausages here are also really good and there are many varieties of them.  Zuercher geschnetzeltes is particularly good.  It is pieces of veal cooked in a mushroom cream sauce and usually served with rosti (grated potato cooked in a frypan) or noodles.  Yum!!

You can get fondue of course.  There are actually three types of fondue – cheese (which is served with bread cubes), bourguignonne (pieces of meat are cooked in hot oil), and chinoise (meat and vegetables are cooked in hot broth).


Raclette is a favourite of mine.  The grill is put on the table and each person prepares their own.  Food can be grilled on top (eg. skewers or pieces of bacon) and then each person has their own tray to put in the underneath section.  The thick slices of cheese are bought ready-prepared in the supermarket and come in a variety of flavours (including paprika, pepper) and these are melted in the small trays.  It is often served with small pickled onions, boiled potatoes, a variety of cold meats, and small gherkins.

All that talk of food is making me hungry….  It has been raining most of the week and I have been feeling a little housebound so try to go out for a short walk every day to get some fresh air.  Best I go now before I find myself at the fridge :)))

Have a good weekend and a big happy birthday to Steph xxxxxxxxx


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