Photo a day

JUNE-PHOTO-A-DAY_zpsda153a55[1]There is an Australian blogger, Chantelle, who started a photo-a-day project which has gone global.  The idea behind the project was to encourage people to stop and take notice of what is around them.  Chantelle provides monthly prompt lists to give people inspiration for their photos.  Claudia and I decided we would try to follow the list for the month of June.  We have been feeling a little unmotivated with the rainy Spring weather and this might be a good kick start….

And in true form I almost forgot to start today 🙂

Todays photo prompt was “B is for….”

DSC_0331Jen:  bus (a London double-decker no less!)

By pure luck, this bus was sitting in our driveway when we got home from shopping today.  It was parked near the restaurant I showed a photo of yesterday, where the guests of a wedding party where enjoying an aperitif.  Sad about the weather for them, but at least they were travelling in style.

IMGP0344Claudia:  books

I love books.  They take you on an amazing adventure.  Harry Potter is one of my favourites.



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