Summer at last

DSC_0442For the first time in six months I have stepped outside in a short sleeved shirt.  Hello summer!!  The weekend was gorgeous.  The sun was shining, it was warm, and way too nice to be inside.  (Today of course is another story…..)

DSC_0440We did what the Swiss do on the weekend.  We went walking.  There are so many nice walks around here.  And so many beautiful cows.  There really is something special about Swiss cows.

DSC_0444Claudia had a school excursion on Friday.  Actually I think half of the Swiss school kids had a school excursion because the weather was so nice.  Her teacher met us at the train station with a bag full of kindling.  They went to a forest and cooked sausages on an open fire.  They waded in the river.  They looked at the plants they had been learning about in class.  The class came home looking a little tired but happy.

DSC_0504The flowers in our local area are really incredible at the moment.

DSC_0511So much colour everywhere…..


This black ‘top’ was a dress a couple of months ago…


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