DSC_0674About 40 minutes from our house is the spectacular Rheinfall.  The River Rhine pounds through here.  In the photo above you can see a small island in the middle of the falls.  There is a dock at the base of the island and when the water volume is a little less you can take a boat to there and climb the steps to the top.  It must be incredible from up there.

DSC_0724There are many boats that can take you on a tour to get a little closer to the falls.

DSC_0664We weren’t expecting to get quite so close but the spray from the water was welcome on such a warm day.

DSC_0634There is a restaurant on the edge of the river looking directly at the falls.  I’m pretty sure it would be a great spot for lunch 🙂

DSC_0586The love lock tradition has begun here on the crossing over the river with a few locks here and there.

DSC_0638The water is crystal clear (are there any rivers/lakes in Switzerland that aren’t???) so you can see everything below.  There is an abundance of fish in the river.  It was fascinating to see some of them trying to swim against the pounding water.

DSC_0715What a gorgeous day.


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