DSC_0742One of the really nice things about life in Switzerland is going to a restaurant in a forest.  You can’t drive there you have to park outside and walk, or ride a bike, or a scooter….

DSC_0740Some people arrived on horses and one group came on a carriage.  It was pretty nice to watch.

DSC_0739Most people sat outside and enjoyed the view from tables beneath a canopy of trees.

DSC_0731We enjoyed some time with Urs’ parents.

DSC_0766There are a lot of walking paths you can take.  Some lead out to farms where there are many apple trees growing.

DSC_0751Others led back into the forest.  We went this way because we were looking for this…..

DSC_0760These flowers are picked and boiled with water and sugar to make syrup.  Syrup is quite different to its sugary Australian equivalent cordial.  The flavours seem to be more natural.


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