Summer days

IMGP0451This is what most of the residents of Wil have been doing in the afternoons.  A lot of school kids have Wednesday afternoon free and they all go home for lunch and then head straight to the local pool.  Many of the kids in Claudia’s class go to the pool every afternoon.  There are diving boards and a water slide but no lifeguards.

The sign tells you the temperature of the water.  The air temp has been hotter than that.

I am used to having sunshine most of the year round at home so it is interesting to see how much people in colder climates embrace the few summer months.  They are like gold and people don’t waste a minute of it.  Everyone is outside till quite late.  The sun has not really fully set until well after 9pm and it is light very early so the days are long.  In our apartment building there are barbecues cooking at lunchtime and in the evening.  It feels special and probably more so because we had such a ridiculously long winter here this year.


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