What has changed in 6 months?


  1. I have to start exercising.  I was doing a lot of walking when we first got here but Miss Independent has been flying to school on a scooter for the last few months and it has caught up with me…….  I blame the cold weather.  And the comfort food.
  2. A lady I met on the street back in the days when I walked Claudia to school invited me out for coffee.  Ooh my first friend.
  3. All the winter clothes have finally been packed away after three false starts.  I would pack them away and then it would get cold again.  And again.  And again.
  4. I am able to recommend a few good restaurants in our town, the best days to shop, places to go, which buses to catch, shortcuts to take, and can converse with people in my limited and dodgy Swinglish.  (Although yesterday I think I was getting told off at the supermarket about something but I had no idea what it was and the lady at the checkout eventually gave up).
  5. I have a bicycle.  Yay transport!!  And I am going for a ride everyday (see point 1).
  6. I got pulled over by the police today for (unknowingly) riding in the wrong spot 🙂  Apparently I am on a roll this week for not following the correct procedures…..
  7. We are planning a trip off the continent….
  8. Time feels like it has sped up suddenly.
  9. Fresh picked Swiss strawberries.  Does anything taste better?
  10. No horrible cockroaches here.  But lots of bees.  Probably because there are so many flowers in bloom.  I have had to chase a few out of the apartment.

6 thoughts on “What has changed in 6 months?

  1. You always were a rebel….ha ha nothing has changed obviously. A trip away…intriguing…do tell more. I love hearing ALL of your travel adventures. Hugs to all. D xx

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