Holunderblueten sirup

DSC_0793My mother-in-law made us this sirup (cordial) from the flowers we collected in the forest a couple of weekends ago.

DSC_0794The name translates to Elderberry flower cordial.  It has a delicate flavour that I can’t really liken to anything else I have ever tasted.  It is very subtle and delicious.

DSC_0751The Elderberry flowers.  So pretty.


3 thoughts on “Holunderblueten sirup

  1. Hmmm, you are usually the first to jump on board with anything that has to do with Monty Python! 😀 When I saw the name of the flowers used to make the cordial, I thought heh heh, I will be the first to say it…..how deflating….Ni !!

    • Hi Dani,

      I did get the reference but hadn’t responded yet as I have been sick with a lurgy that just wouldn’t let up. Who could forget the Knights of Ni? Don’t be deflated… xxx

  2. Ni !!!! 😀 I just have to say “Your mother was……” Which has absolutely nothing to do with the gorgeous cordial your Mum-in-law made you.

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