School’s out for summer

DSC_0823I am back and almost feeling better…..

The school year ended last week.  It is very strange for us for school to end in the middle of the year.  Normally the end of school is a flurry of dancing concert rehearsals, Christmas preparations and school parties.  We are usually rushing around madly and then breathing a sigh of relief that we made it to summer break with the Christmas tree decorated and our bathing suits firmly in place for 6 weeks of swimming and sleeping in.

Grade 6 is the last year at primary school here and the kids in this class had a special send-off.  Claudia told us that a slide was put at the window of her classroom and the grade 6 kids ‘slid’ out of the school into their new life.  That would never get past Australian health and safety regulations but I thought it was a fun and symbolic end to their time at primary school.

We are eagerly awaiting our Aussie visitors who arrive in a few days and can’t wait to show them around Switzerland.


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