The Animal park (by Claudia)

IMGP0514When I first walked in to the Animal park with my Grandparents I saw some fish and these little cuties, they’re chickens, yes but cute and fluffy! IMGP0520We walked a bit more and saw this guy looking for food in the dirt.IMGP0524How pretty storks are… It was walking along with a friend! IMGP0533We came next to the wild pig pen, Oink, oink! They fight a lot.IMGP0539Wow, there are two of its kind at the Animal park, European and American. Ooh I see a third in the background!IMGP0549A snowy owl. It reminds me of Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet.IMGP0584These deer were everywhere, hoping to get some animal feed!IMGP0583Foxes. I took loads of photos of them especially for my Mum and she loved them!IMGP0590I sat on this statue feeling as proud as the statue itself.IMGP0598Oh so cute, oh so fluffy, ouch sharp claws and a hungry tummy!IMGP0603Grrr the bear in the photo did not want to be seen, but it came out for a bath anyway!


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