Lake Luzern and Pilatus


Our visitors have arrived from Australia to much excitement.  One (who shall remain nameless) was a little worse for wear so as soon as she (or he) was feeling better we headed straight to Luzern to start sight-seeing.


We have been very lucky with the weather since the Johnsons arrived.  The weeks leading up to their arrival were rainy and horrible and we anxiously watched the forecast and prayed for sunshine.  It could not have been a more perfect day on the lake – clear sky and the incredible scenery that is Switzerland.


We managed to wrangle seats on the top deck of this boat and headed to the stop where the funicular takes you up to Mount Pilatus.


It is apparently the steepest funicular in the world and took about 40 minutes to get to the top.  It really is impossible to describe the view as you ascend the mountain.  Breathtaking hardly seems enough.


You can see the red carriage that was ahead of us making it’s way up the mountain.  We also saw more than a few hikers heading up there.  The Swiss love to hike!!


The Johnsons were very excited to see that there was a tiny bit of snow left on the mountain.  Even in the heat of summer.  When we got to the top they were able to find a spot where they could touch it for the first time.


There were a couple of paragliders leaping off the side of the mountain.  Urs used to do this in his younger days.


It was a little chilly at the top of the mountain and only one of the girls had brought a cardigan so in true best friend fashion they shared it.  They haven’t stopped talking since they laid eyes on each other……  Day and night….. 🙂


We took the cable car back down the mountain and again it was incredible views in every direction you looked.


The very beautiful Lake Luzern where they are currently holding the world rowing championships.


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