We ended our day in Luzern by wandering around the city.  The famous wooden Chapel Bridge was built in the 14th Century.


Luzern is such a pretty city.


The pictures speak for themselves……



The streets were full of people enjoying summer alfresco style.

DSC_0006-001This guy was quite a character.  The kids all loved listening to him and he was more than happy to entertain.

DSC_0009-001At the end of the day we walked to the Lion Monument.  It is carved into a rock face and has such powerful emotion.  I remember visiting here with Urs many years ago and it took us much longer to find it as we weaved our way up hundreds of steps (that we didn’t need to climb) using his famous “I don’t need directions because I have a good instinct that it is just around here somewhere” technique 🙂 This time he went straight to the information counter (oops did I say that out loud?).  Hee hee…..


And here is the photographic evidence.  A man asking for directions.  Gold.  Love you honey 🙂


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