Rheinfall revisited


We took the Johnsons to see Rheinfall.  There were definitely a lot more people there this time now that the summer tourist season is in full swing but we were lucky to have yet another beautiful day.


Last time we were here this section was closed as the volume of water was too high.  It was open now so we took a boat to the middle of the falls to climb the rock.


The water spray was refreshing on such a hot day and we all enjoyed the boat ride.

DSC_0024-001Climbing the rock turned out to be not so fun however, mainly due to the number of people clambering to get up there.  There are always the tourists who think their photo opportunity is more important than everyone elses……  A little bit of courtesy goes a long way.  It’s not that hard really.


The view from the top is quite impressive (once you get there) but again the selfish pushy tourists made it hard for everyone to share it.  There is a tiny platform once you make it to the top and as people leave to head back down the steps more people thrust themselves up there.


Apart from that it was a nice day and the falls really are worth going to see.



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