Many years ago Urs and I came to this village to have a Swiss wedding after our Australian one.  We had our reception at Hotel Freudenberg.  Appenzell was the next stop on our mini Swiss tour with the Johnsons.


Appenzell is well know for its adherence to tradition.  The vote we came to watch a few months ago was held here (where entry is granted by carrying a gold sword).  Many of the buildings have decorative paintings on their exterior.


We stopped for lunch and wandered around the village.  There is so much to look at.

DSC_0100-001Many really old buildings.  Really old as in centuries old.  (Australia is only a couple of hundred years old so this is very fascinating for us).

DSC_0099-001This looks like no other department store I have ever seen.  It is similar to Myer or David Jones in Australia.

DSC_0105-001The cemetery had some very interesting and artistic headstones.


Sometimes you have to remind yourself that cars do actually drive through here as you get lost taking in all the sights and wander aimlessly on the road.


A lot of the shops close for lunch for a couple of hours and in summer it is sometimes surprising to see a sign on the door of your local bakery advising you they are closed for holidays.  What a nice way to live.  People take time to enjoy their lives here as well as working hard.


So much lovely detail everywhere….


2 thoughts on “Appenzell

  1. Hi Jen,
    What a beautiful country. We stayed in Zug and couldn’t believe the age of some of the buildings and the beauty of the country. You won’t want to come home.
    Michael is in the Rhine Valley on the last leg of his Contiki Tour. Its been a real experience for him and his girlfriend. Sandra

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