The next stop on our mini Swiss tour was Saentis.  We have been here many times and it is always impressive in every season.


Cable car rides are part of life here.


But this one was particularly nice when we noticed that someone is a big fan of Australia.

DSC_0124-001Many people hike up here and there is a restaurant a little over halfway up to stop for a rest and a schnitzel.

DSC_0131-001Saentis is higher than Mount Pilatus and is famous for being the place where (on a clear day) you can see six countries – Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Liechtenstein.

DSC_0141-001It was a bit foggy on this trip though and our visitors were happy to see more snow.  You can always count on Saentis 🙂

DSC_0136-001It is breathtaking up at the top.  Nature has been really kind to Switzerland with so many beautiful views everywhere you look.

DSC_0168-001We went to this little restaurant in the clouds for a drink and it was pretty chilly but didn’t stop the kids from eating ice-cream!!

Sadly I don’t have a photo of the highlight of the day.  We left Saentis and went to Urs’ parents’ house for a bbq.  And it was there that the look on Michelle’s face when she tasted schnapps made all of us roar with laughter.


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