What has changed in 7 months?


  1. We went on an overseas holiday.  When you live in Australia everywhere is ‘overseas’ but here in Europe it is a bit of a novelty for us.  Photos coming soon….
  2. I am used to seeing the Pollen Report on the news.
  3. I felt at home when the hot weather finally arrived.  And it has been HOT.
  4. I am having phantom fan pain.  There are no fans in our apartment and my Australian mind just can’t accept it.  I keep walking to the wall expecting to find a fan switch and then being surprised time again that it is not there.  Move on Jen.
  5. We had our first Australian visitors.  It was good to be a bit rowdy and laugh really loudly.
  6. The school year ended in the middle of the year.  It feels so strange.
  7. The weeks are rapidly getting booked up with visitors, visits and general socialisation.
  8. We still have not bought a kettle or a hairdryer or a microwave.  And guess what?  You can live without them apparently.
  9. I started playing Candy Crush.  If you haven’t…. don’t.  It is a trap.  I have nightmares about the exploding chocolate that just won’t stop.  I slam my hand on the couch and yell at a metal object.
  10.  I am dreaming of a relaxing week at the beach doing absolutely nothing but sleep in late, eat mangoes, and listen to the ocean.

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