London calling


We arrived in London the day after the royal baby was born.  The city was crowded and in the middle of a massive heatwave.  And we had the worst accommodation ever…. I can’t even discuss it.  The Johnsons and the Birrers will forever have a train rattling through their heads….


But the celebrations were in full swing from the Jubilee year to the birth of an heir.  Welcome to the world George.


We spent a lot of the day on the roof of a double decker bus, as you do, whizzing around London seeing the sights.  Taking a bazillion photos.


Listening to the audio commentary when we could.  Trying not to get sunburnt….. It was very very hot.


Claudia couldn’t wait to see Big Ben.  (We love all things Ben in our family).


There was a frenzy at Buckingham Palace.  The bobbies had a time trying to keep the crowd in line.


All I could think about was how these guys were not fainting from hyperthermia.  It must be unbearable standing at the gate not moving and sweltering in the mid-summer heat.


After much pushing and shoving at the palace gates to get a photo, the crowd discovered that eventually the gates open and the guards march out making it easy for everyone to get a photo.  Oh the irony of it!!


Some of the old buildings in London were really beautiful.  Apparently at one time there was a window tax introduced and this accounts for why some of the buildings have very small windows at the top.  It was eventually abolished and said to be “daylight robbery”.  Not my joke.


There was the mandatory “pretend you are going into the phone box” photo of course.


And we finished our morning at Trafalgar Square.


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