A change of pace


We said goodbye to the Johnsons as they left for the long trip back to Australia (thanks guys, we had a fantastic time x).  And we headed to Kings Cross Station to catch the train north to Scotland.


We managed to snap this photo just before the crowds started lining up to do the same thing.  Oh Harry Potter, you really are everywhere and still so popular.


The Scottish landscape is gorgeous.  While Switzerland is pristine and breathtakingly pretty, Scotland is rugged and untamed.   The weather was not so good in Scotland when we arrived.  It was raining in Edinburgh so we headed to the Palace of Hollyroodhouse (where the Queen stays when she is here).


Lots of other wet travellers were doing the same thing.  You can always guarantee a crowd in the museums or castles on rainy days!


You can’t take photos inside the Palace (needless to say it is opulent and there are a lot of very old things in there, except for the IKEA stools in the ‘family room’.  True story).  This was taken outside in the Abbey ruins.


Zara Phillips got married here for those with a sliver of interest in all things royal.  If not, this is a photo of the Abbey ruins looking in the other direction.


We did brave a walk outside in the royal gardens and were glad we did because they were really lovely.


The Palace is actually built at the foot of the remains of a volcano – you can see it in the background.  It is quite a dramatic and interesting landscape.  Especially when you see the historic Palace across the road from the very modern Houses of Parliament.  None of it looks out of place surprisingly.


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