Hop-on hop-off bus tours are a really good way to get your bearings in a new place.  Unfortunately it was a bit more difficult in Edinburgh because it rained most of the time we were there but we did manage a bit of time on the bus roof.  We listened to the kids version of the audio guide because ‘Horrible Histories’ was much more entertaining than the adult version.


Edinburgh is a lovely town.  The landscape is rugged, the buildings are historic, the cobblestone streets charming, and the people are friendly.  It has a more laid-back vibe than other places we have been.  This photo is Edinburgh Castle.


The Royal Mile is the historic centre and with Edinburgh festival just around the corner there were many street performers in colourful costumes (despite the rain).


All of the old buildings have a story behind them…..


There are many pubs and restaurants with interesting names….


And the audio guide told us tales of last hangings, terrible deeds, and the secrets behind the names of the shops.


It was surprising to us to see the different levels that Edinburgh is built on, and that there are a number of bridges over the city (none of which have water beneath them).


This is the House of Parliament.  A very modern building across the road from historic Holyroodhouse.


And this environmental museum looks like it just stepped straight out of Australia.  Is it only me or does it look a little Outback here???

DSC_0579Arthur’s seat.  No-one knows why it is called this.  If you are a young maiden and go up there before sunrise and wash your face with the morning dew you will be beautiful forever.  But not if you lean too far forward and fall off.  Then you will be dead and not beautiful.  Ha, the Horrible Histories commentary – not my words.


When it rained too hard we went here.  The Scottish National Gallery.


And saw Dolly the cloned sheep.

DSC_0556And a little girl got to drive a Formula 1 simulator.  Which was only for kids.  Even though all the dads desperately wanted a go…… 🙂




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