The Scottish Highlands


On our last day in Fort William we had planned to go hiking at Ben Nevis (also known as Mighty Ben) which is the highest mountain in the British Isles (but pretty tame by Swiss standards….).  Unfortunately it was rain, rain and more rain so we were forced to go to a whisky distillery.  The Ben Nevis distillery.


I have to admit I wasn’t overly enthusiastic but it turned out to be quite interesting.  Whisky is distilled beer.  Who knew?  Also a number of famous movies had scenes filmed in the sheds at this distillery (eg. Braveheart).  At the end we sampled the whisky but I will still take mine with a mixer thankyouverymuch.


The drive south to Glasgow through the Highlands was one of my favourites.  Kilometre after kilometre of gorgeousness.


Some of these photos were taken with an ipad hanging precariously out a window…


Scotland reminds me of the feeling you get when you visit Tasmania.  You can drive in the most amazing landscape and really enjoy it because the roads are relatively quiet.  It is peaceful and laid-back and perfect for reconnecting with nature.


The lochs…..


Endless fields of heather….


So much undisturbed countryside.


Loved this place.


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