Last week Claudia, Anita and I went for a midweek hike to Taminaschluct (which is a gorge).  It is a 4km hike into the gorge and well worth the effort.  It was incredible.


On one side of the path was rock as high as the eye could see and on the other fast flowing water.  This is important information for later…..


At the end of the hike you come to this beautiful building which was historically a wellness hotel.  It is now a museum but you can still see the old baths inside – people came here from far and wide to bathe in the pure water from the gorge to cure whatever ailment they had.  It is the most incredible location.  Words can’t even describe it.


We were loaded up with picnic supplies.  Most of the other hikers had a wurst (sausage) that they cooked over an open fire in the forest and were amused when I pulled out plates, cutlery, frittata and salad.  I like to eat.  What can I say?


The gorge is really amazing.  You can feel the steam coming up from the thermal water below.


It really is beautiful to be surrounded by all that rock with small glimpses of the sky and the trees visible far above.


Photos don’t really convey it well enough.


On the way back we decided to go on this horse and carriage.


You will never believe who they let drive it!!  On the left is the rock.  On the right is a big drop down into the rapidly flowing water.  We only went off the road once and our junior driver held on to those reins for dear life while the owner pulled the horses back into line.  I may have feared for my life just for a second….


Claudie did an excellent job and we made it safely to the village.


And then the owner drove us all the way to where our car was parked.  Another first experience for us!


2 thoughts on “Taminaschluct

  1. One of our favourite things in the world to do….bushwalking. What a lovely day you guys had, and a delightful ending with the gorgeous horses and an even cuter driver.
    You will never want to come home. Hugs to all of you.

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