A weekend in France

DSC_1003I took a quick flight last weekend to see Alison and Damien before they head to Australia for a month.  Such a beautiful day to fly….

DSC_0002-001We spent the weekend eating amazing local produce, drinking wine, and talking non-stop (as old school friends do….).

DSC_1005We wandered around their village (Blagnac).  I absolutely love the colour of the bricks and the architectural detail of framing the windows with them.


The village is fairly quiet at the moment because August is typically the month when the French go on holiday.  Some of the local businesses just shut their doors for the summer.  This happens in Switzerland too.  One day there is just a sign on the door:  “closed for holidays.

DSC_1008I love wandering around new places and just getting a feel for the life of the people that live there.


We went into Toulouse one day to try out a new restaurant and look around the town.


Toulouse is famous for its pink bricks.  There is a really great pedestrian shopping area that seems to go for kilometres.


Lots of people were out enjoying the glorious weather.  This is the town square and it was pretty crowded.


I’m sure we took a photo of us but I can’t find it.  This is Alison and Damien taking photos of ‘Flat Angus’ (a school project for a friend).  Flat Angus is a well travelled boy…..


I had a great weekend.  It was nice to get away and just potter around…. and eat…. and drink wine.  And talk non-stop with someone who gets my jokes!!


2 thoughts on “A weekend in France

  1. Love love love your blog(s) Jen ……… My daughter in law’s parents have a holiday house in Toulouse, Ricky , my son. LOVES it their

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