What has changed in 8 months?


8 months???  Really???

  1. I have food on my mind a lot.  You have to eat seasonally here.  We are so spoilt living in Brisbane because we pretty much have access to everything all year round and I don’t always think about what I am buying or eating.  Here it is different.  I am welcoming the summer food!  Tomatoes never tasted as good as they do right now.
  2. We are enjoying fresh vegetables and salad straight out of my in-law’s garden.
  3. The best mangoes in the world are absolutely Australian.  There is no contest.
  4. We have tried Arancello (the orange version of Limoncello).  So good.  I plan to try making my own.
  5. A new school year started this month.  I still can’t quite get my head around school starting in August.  Claudia is now going to a regular class for a couple of sessions a week and does woodwork, craft and sport with her Swiss classmates.  She has made some new friends and is enjoying these lessons.  Her integration class continues.  Some of her friends have moved on to regular school classes full-time and there are some new students.  We are in the thick of German grammar and homework has never felt so hard!!
  6. I have realised that the problem with Switzerland is that it is so clean that it makes everywhere else suddenly seem dirty.  I have spoken to other travellers about this and they fully agree.  This should be the last country on your European itinerary.
  7. I have noticed that I have become a little Swiss.  This may be fuelling my obsessive compulsive tendencies.  I am the best (non-Swiss) recycler ever 🙂
  8. No, my German has not improved beyond belief.
  9. We hardly ever watch tv.  It is so nice to sit outside in the afternoon or go for a walk while the weather is so good.
  10. I am dreaming of having a cellar in our house in Australia.  Most houses/apartments have one here.

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