Scharans and Viamala

Last week I seemed to be having some technical problems with uploading photos…. which may or may not be fixed 🙂


Last weekend we were lucky to go to the south-east part of Switzerland (close to the Italian border) and stay with our cousins.  They have just bought a house in Scharans and it really is incredible.

DSC_0004-001This is their yard and there are views of the mountains all around.  The weather here is some of the mildest in Switzerland.

DSC_0024-001Christian and Janine have been to Australia so many times they should be honorary Aussies.  They have seen more of our country than most people I know.

We spent a day wandering around their part of the world.  Viamala is an impressive gorge.


Again, it is really hard to take a photo that conveys the real feel of the place.  Nature is amazing.


The colour of the water is apparently due to the cold temperature of it.


We hiked through the nearby forest and came to this swing-bridge.  A few brave souls were swimming.  Not me….


Incredible views in every direction.  This is Switzerland.


Afterwards we went to see the church of Saint Martin in the village of Zillis.  It is visited by people from all over the world as it has the only surviving Romanesque painted ceiling and was created at the beginning of the 12th Century.


The paintings are done on wooden boards which slide into a slotted framework in the ceiling.


A lot of Swiss villages have a drinking fountain in the middle of the village.  It is perfectly safe to drink the water flowing from the spout and it is delicious.


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