A tunnel, a dam, and an Italian restaurant


Christian and Janine took us for dinner to a restaurant in the most unexpected of places.  You would never find it if you didn’t have inside knowledge…  Just drive through this one-lane tunnel.


And park your car.  Then walk across this dam (the dam is Swiss and the lake is Italian)…..


That is the restaurant across the lake to the left of the Swiss flag.  In Italy.  It felt like a covert mission.


A family-run Italian trattoria which is remote and has incredible views.  Where you just sit and eat for three or four or five hours.


The grandson of the owner walked us through the kitchen to go outside and look at the viper they had found.   Mum, dad, the kids, the aunties and uncles were all working away in the kitchen.


Where you scour the countryside for deer or mountain goats…. and watch the interesting characters that come to this gem of a place.


Olives, antipasti (cured meat and cheese), bread, il primo (the first course which was pasta), il secondo (the second course which was slow cooked beef and vegetables) and il dolce (dessert).  Champagne, red wine, and to finish arancello (which is the orange version of limoncello and is delicious).  The food, the company and the location were excellent.


Then, after many hours, we walked back to the dam to go home.


And enjoyed the beautiful sight of the moonlight on the water, framed by the lovely Swiss and Italian mountains.  Not just another night out.  This is living.


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