Walk the village

On our last day in the south of Switzerland we went walking to the next village.  And this is what we saw….


Llamas.  How cute are they?


After we fed them we saw a sign that said “don’t feed us” 🙂 (it was only a couple of blades of grass!!).


If you look closely you may see a squirrel in the branch just to the left of the centre of this photo.  It moved so fast I couldn’t capture it well but this little guy had much darker fur than the ones we saw in London.  Also incredibly cute.


We came across a lake.  You have to pay to swim in here because it is a private lake and the owner has installed toilet facilities for the many swimmers who come here.


Mountains, farmland, and a castle.  Just regular sights on a Sunday walk.


Another castle in someone’s backyard.  Really.

Thanks Christian and Janine for a fantastic weekend.  We had a great time xx


2 thoughts on “Walk the village

  1. Thank you guys for visiting and being such great company!
    It’s been a pleasure.
    Whenever you feel like you’re more than welcome to visit again!
    Love Janine&Chrigel

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