The lake in Autumn

While Urs was riding around the Swiss countryside on a tiny motorbike, Claudia and I decided to walk to the lake for a picnic.  We had a small window of opportunity in the morning on Sunday because the weather forecast was for rain by midday.  You know you have become a little European when you start monitoring the forecast closely.


There is a really nice playground just behind the old town.  Some of the climbing frames there are pretty hard (by Australian standards).  Must be why the Swiss can all jog up mountains with ease.


Claudia has long legs and she really had to stretch between the rungs on some of the frames.  The rock climbing walls were very cool.


Summer left as quickly as it came.  It is about 10 degrees in the morning and gets up to early to mid 20’s by the afternoon.  Some days are hotter.  It doesn’t feel cold, just fresh.  Clearly I have acclimatised!!  This would be winter in Brisbane.


On our walk around the lake we stopped to visit some goats.


And some swans.  The sign reports that these originate from Tasmania, Australia.


There are water birds from all over the world here.  They are protected from predators (and possibly the weather) by these caged huts that are accessed beneath the water.


I’m not sure why there is a giant sandal floating around the lake.


After our walk we headed up the stairs to the old town.  Just in time for the rain to start pouring down as the town clock struck midday.  Ah Switzerland,  you are so punctual.  I have not worn a watch all year.  The town bells ring every 1/4 hour so I always know what time it is when I am out.  I am really used to hearing them and it will definitely be one of the things I will miss when we leave.


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