Lake Zurich is shaped a bit like a banana with Zurich at the northern tip.  We went to Rapperswil on the weekend, which is about 2/3 of the way along the lake on the north-eastern side.


A lot of people come here to go cruising around the lake and they could not have had a more picture perfect day.


This is the view from Rapperswil Castle looking down over the rose gardens, across the old town, to Lake Zurich.


You can see a tiny pontoon at the bottom of the picture.  There were a lot of people swimming around here.  It felt like summer had returned.


Claudia was happy to see these bambis (who make the funniest and most unexpected sound).


The stag was hiding close to the brick fence below us.  Such a beautiful creature.


There is a Polish museum in the castle but the people standing outside were awaiting a bride and groom.


I was a little surprised to see Buddhist prayer flags up there.


Gratuitous shot of moi because most of the time I take the photos and forget to get in any of them!!


There was more than one wedding in Rapperswil on this fine weekend.


Afterwards we drove up the hill to Frohberg where the view was nothing short of incredible.


And where yet another wedding was taking place.


It really was the most amazing day after some unpredicatable weather over the last couple of weeks.





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