What has changed in 9 months?


  1. We have had to start thinking about preparing to go home.  We do this with very mixed feelings.  (The photo above is from one of the neighbouring apartment blocks.  Someone is moving out of the penthouse and all the boxes are going down a conveyor directly to the truck.  Which would be a good idea if it wasn’t raining today).
  2. Claudia has seemingly grown overnight again.  All her jeans are too short and the weather has cooled considerably.
  3. On reflecting on our time here we didn’t get to do all the things we had hoped to do but we had some other (unexpected)fantastic experiences.  Which is one of my favourite aspects of travelling – the unplanned things are often the most memorable.
  4. We have family from Australia coming to visit.  It is always good to see a place through new eyes.
  5. I have been to the dentist.  And nearly had a heart attack when the bill came.  Health care is very expensive here….
  6. Interestingly, I went to the doctor over two months ago and still have not received the bill.  Ha, that would never happen in Australia.  You pay before you leave the office!
  7. I understand the Swiss love of their mountains now and why they miss them.  It is a very deep connection that you can only really start to comprehend when you have spent a lot of time here.  I will definitely miss them when we leave, the same way I miss the ocean now.
  8. The winding Swiss mountain roads are not as frightening to drive on as they used to be but it also may be because there is no snow on them at the moment.  Driving in winter is another story 🙂
  9. Living in an apartment with less stuff (and enjoying it) has really made us think about the way we live.  And no doubt will have an effect on how we live in the future.
  10. Claudia is reading chapter books in German now.  We are very impressed with how far she has come in such a short time.




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