With the Whites at Wallensee


The Whites arrived in Switzerland to fairly dismal weather but thankfully the sun came out for a few of the days they spent with us.  We headed down to Wallensee (south of where we live) for a picnic on the weekend and a little countryside touring.


‘See’ is the German word for lake.  It has to be said that all the lakes in Switzerland are really beautiful.  The picnic area here is accessed by a one lane road.  There is a somewhat complicated sign at the entrance (if you don’t read German) that tells you to wait until a certain time to drive so that you don’t crash into someone coming the other way.  There are also the hikers to avoid….


We saw a bit of activity that day – divers, waterskiers, sailboats, canoeists.  The water was chilly even with the sun out.


But what a lovely spot to enjoy some time with your family.

DSC_0392-001Or follow salamanders…..


Afterwards we drove up the hill to Amden to take in the view of the lake from higher ground.


And at this point Sue started to worry about their ability to negotiate the steep winding roads of the Swiss mountain areas…. It takes a bit of getting used to 🙂 (especially in winter).


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