Elvis is made of pumpkin


Yesterday Anita, Claudie and I went to Seegraben to a pumpkin festival.  And there he was in all his glory….. the King.


Seegraben is just down the road from Zurich and is a beautiful spot on Lake Pfaeffikon.


The pumpkin festival is an annual event that runs for a few months.  A German artist created these pumpkin sculptures which were huge and quite impressive.


There was an incredible array of colours and shapes…


These ones were absolutely bizzare.


Some were huge….


Claudia is tall so it gives you some idea just how big these are.  These ones were used in the recent pumpkin regatta – people actually get in these and paddle up the lake in a crazy pumpkin race!


The apples on the trees lining the labyrinths are used to make Shorley (which is a really nice sparkling apple drink).


They also have a wish tree in the middle of one of the mazes.  People can tie a piece of cloth to the tree and make a wish.


The kids were kept well entertained with hay bale climbing/jumping/burrowing…. pumpkin carving, swinging in large hammocks, tree climbing, pumpkin throwing……  Kids are the same everywhere.



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