Rain rain go away


It is rainy and foggy here.  I have spent all week outside washing huge walls of windows and metal blinds because soon it will be too cold to be out there.  Today I am craving sunshine and blue skies that go on forever.  Kookaburras laughing.  Koalas sleeping and occasionally waking up to grab a few gum leaves.  A swim in our pool.  Washing hanging outside on the clothesline and smelling like the sun.  Birds that wake you up at sunrise.  The weather is making me a little homesick again.  But on Saturday we are off on a week-long holiday to Lauterbrunnen (where I hear there may be snow).  And I am really looking forward to some time in the alps!!  In the meantime I look out the window at this gorgeous maple whose leaves have turned the most beautiful colours…. and pretend I can’t see the endless rain.


One thought on “Rain rain go away

  1. And perhaps some time with your lovely sister too 😉
    Our trip has been so perfect, surely we couldn’t get lucky enough to end it with snow. And if it doesn’t, who cares…it’s a chalet in the Swiss Alps with family.

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