Bond morphing and dangerous mountain-top antics


Let’s just get the Bond morphing out of the way shall we?  We laughed so hard doing these photos that we were crying.   Claudia as 007….


A Bond girl…..


And Dr No….


I was also a Bond girl.  You have no idea the face contorting it took to get these photos to look semi-real.  Again, we laughed and laughed.  Really loudly.


So it took us four gondolas to get to Piz Gloria, the mountain famous for having been in a Bond movie (the one with the least well-known Bond, George Lazenby, in it).


And it was all the more fun for the Bond connection.  So much laughing.


At some point we decided it was a good idea to walk out to this viewing station…


And risked our lives on the slippery slope with nothing more than a pair of joggers on…. There was screaming, and more laughing, and a bit of crazy snowball throwing.


It was a memorable day for family….




And cousins.  Still laughing.  Every time I look at those Bond photos.

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