Ballenberg is an open air museum in the Brienz region.  It is enormous – we were there for over five hours and still didn’t see everything.  The museum features homes from various regions of Switzerland that were dismantled and carefully rebuilt piece by piece.  A big task considering the age of some of them.


There are many artisans at work in the museum.  Here cheese is being made the old fashioned way…


The woodcarver had an impressive workshop.  This one’s for you Dad 🙂


Gutters made from a hollowed out log, and held up with wooden brackets.


A very old sled….


There is an airport near the museum and a group of FA18s were roaring through the valley while we were wandering around.  The noise was unbelievable.


Claudia did some woodwork – sawing, drilling, carving.


Ha, this is a very old fashioned hair-curling machine.  Clearly women have suffered for beauty throughout the ages!!


Thatched huts.  The thatch was incredibly thick.


This compound would look right at home in Italy but is actually from the Italian-speaking Tessin region of Switzerland.  It is one of my favourite areas – mild weather, lots of sunshine, and delicious food.

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