What has changed in 10 months?


  1. We are packing boxes, giving things away, selling things, posting things, and returning things in preparation for our return to Australia at the end of next month.
  2. The mornings are really dark again.  It is hard to get out of bed…..
  3. I have become aware that living as a foreigner amplifies all of your inner thoughts about your capabilities, resilience, the mortality of your loved ones, the direction of your life etc.  It makes you examine everything you believe in much greater detail and to question things.
  4. At the start of our time here I noticed all the differences.  Now I notice all the similarities.
  5. Claudia has had a lot of new children join her class.  She refers to them as ‘the newbies’ (the ones that started in August) and ‘the new newbies’ (the ones that started in October just after the last school holiday).  There is a lot of chaos in the classroom at the moment.  Multiple children of multiple nationalities, languages, and ages dealing with being in a new country in sometimes very inappropriate ways.  Our quiet studious girl has never been good with a lot of noise and this is taking it to a whole new level.  It is interesting to see how she is dealing with it so maturely and reflecting on the reasons for the behaviour.  I am really feeling for her poor teacher at the moment.
  6. I finally feel like I am orientated as to where various villages and cantons are in relation to each other.  I used to be so confused about this despite having been to Switzerland several times.
  7. I made a major decision regarding a career change.  It has not been an easy process and I have been filled with a lot of doubt and fear.  The reality is that, once you are really honest with yourself, a sense of relief replaces both of those feelings.
  8. We have spent a lot of time thinking about how we want our life to look when we get back to Australia and the changes we want to make.
  9. I am still terrified speaking on the phone in German and avoid it as much as possible.
  10. It is very interesting how little you miss the ‘stuff’ you have stored while you are away.  There are only a few things I would be sad to not see again.

2 thoughts on “What has changed in 10 months?

  1. I feel very sad that you will be leaving such a beautiful part of the world soon that you have come to call home, but also so excited to have you all back in our country again. Thanks for taking me on the journey Jen, for the last year, it’s been great.:D

    • It has been an incredible journey in so many more ways than I imagined. It is not all about the travel. I think all three of us have been through a major personal evolution (big word but the best one I can think of to describe how I feel). I am both sad to be leaving and homesick at the same time. But so happy we came.

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