A whole lot of nothing


Life on the other side of the world is not always travel and fun times.  At the moment it pretty much consists of packing, taping and labelling.  We have to get all of our boxes packed ready for shipping by next week (which seems to take a long time considering we don’t actually have much stuff).  Things are moving out of our apartment quicker than you can blink an eye – the bench we sat on to put on our snow boots, the bbq we used every time the sky was blue, our sled, and even our beloved plant Benjamina has gone to a new home.  It is never easy to pack up memories but it has to be done so we spend our days and nights at the moment trying to work out how few things we can live with before we move out of here in less than two weeks.  It has been a great year.  Some days were hard.  Many days were wonderful.  All were memorable.  So glad we came.

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