Wrapping things up

Someone has been complaining (again) about my lack of blog posts.  You know who you are Kym…..

Well, it has been more of the same this week.  Packing up your life to relocate overseas takes time.  There are so many ends to be tied up before you leave because it is definitely not easy to do afterwards!  Everything we ship has been carefully packed in bubble wrap.  Some boxes had to be reopened after we suddenly had a cold snap and winter boots were needed.


The gardeners came this week and prepared the balcony for winter.  The grassy shrubs have been bound and now they look like they did when we arrived.  It seems we have come full circle.


At the moment we are sleeping on mattresses on the floor and have only one frypan for cooking.  As of tomorrow we will be car-less.  And after the weekend we won’t be in our little apartment any more other than for the inspection next week.

Today Claudia has her last day at school.  It has been a big year for her.  Ironically there are two English girls starting on Monday…..

The three of us were talking about leaving last night.  And we all agreed that rather than be sad about leaving, we are going to be happy that we came.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping things up

  1. What a lovely comment Kym and couldn’t have said it any better. Jen you have had an amazing year and I too have enjoyed the journey with you. Thank you for sharing! xx

  2. Beautifully said as always and now I will leave you be. You have kept me entertained and educated, I have smiled and giggled and shed a tear reading your blog and I am so glad you will be coming home. Have missed you, safe travels. As the plaque in my room says ” don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened”

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