Going to the Making of Harry Potter (by Claudia)


It was a very exciting day, we went to the Making of Harry Potter! We rode this magical bus to the tour, hop on…


…We were jumping around and did a lot of squealing!  We finally went inside…

Audio guides- love em, we listened away!


Look at the Great Hall, simply marvelous…


… Welcome home to the Gryffindor common room. Well if you are in Gryffindor, otherwise… Get out!


So many books in Dumbledore’s office!  Shh, did you know that all of the books in the office are just yellow pages!  Sooo boring.

Here’s a fun game… Spot the Sorting hat!


Step inside the Burrow, the Weasley home. LOOK! The knitting needles are magically moving- by themselves!


Death Eaters, run!  This masked man will get you!  Fact: Each Death Eater has it’s own mask.


Look at me on Hagrid’s motorcycle, VROOM!  Who can see the Night Bus!


Run people Aragog the Giant Spider will gobble you up!


Hogwarts is beautiful- even though it’s a mini version.  I love this magical world…

The Animal park (by Claudia)

IMGP0514When I first walked in to the Animal park with my Grandparents I saw some fish and these little cuties, they’re chickens, yes but cute and fluffy! IMGP0520We walked a bit more and saw this guy looking for food in the dirt.IMGP0524How pretty storks are… It was walking along with a friend! IMGP0533We came next to the wild pig pen, Oink, oink! They fight a lot.IMGP0539Wow, there are two of its kind at the Animal park, European and American. Ooh I see a third in the background!IMGP0549A snowy owl. It reminds me of Hedwig, Harry Potter’s pet.IMGP0584These deer were everywhere, hoping to get some animal feed!IMGP0583Foxes. I took loads of photos of them especially for my Mum and she loved them!IMGP0590I sat on this statue feeling as proud as the statue itself.IMGP0598Oh so cute, oh so fluffy, ouch sharp claws and a hungry tummy!IMGP0603Grrr the bear in the photo did not want to be seen, but it came out for a bath anyway!

Day 9 photo

Todays prompt was “from down below”…

DSC_0476Jen:  The Wiler Turm (the tower has an incredible view of our town from the top).

IMGP0391Claudia:  I stepped outside and looked up and saw the high road.

Day 7 photo

Todays prompt was “bright”…

DSC_0434Jen:  I am feeling in a gold mood at the moment and I have a can a spray paint.  Oh oh……

DSC_0439Claudia:  I love bouncing around the apartment on my ball.  Makes me happy!

Day 6 photo

Todays prompt was “transport”…

DSC_0419Jen:  I wish.  Nope, just me and my feet at the moment….

DSC_0424Claudia:  This is how I get to school now and it takes half the time.

Day 5 photo

Todays prompt was “environment”….


Jen:  The Swiss have a lot of respect for their environment.  There is a very well supported recycling program here which requires a bit of individual effort but when you see how incredibly clean this country is it makes sense.  In our apartment complex there are a lot of green areas that are allowed to exist in their natural state.   I see the sense in this too.  The kids here are taught a lot about their local flora and fauna.

IMGP0380Claudia:  This picture makes me think of Spring and a healthy environment.

Day 4 photo

Todays prompt was “after dark”….


Jen:  when I read this I immediately thought that after dark comes light.  This means so many things to me.  But today I am thinking of a little girl and her mum who are sitting in hospital hoping for some light and remembering when I was there hoping for the same thing.  I wish I could make everything better for them but know that the best I can do is listen when they tell me how much this hand they have been dealt sucks.  Because it does.  And the light seems so far away when you are in their shoes.


Claudia:  when I go to bed I always look up at the mobile that Mum and I made.

Scooters and cheese (by Claudia)


This is my grandfather, (Grosspapi). He makes cheese and rode my scooter today.


So much cheese, mmm. This is how you test cheese.


Step one: Take the cheese out.


Step two: Push this screwdriver thingy in and pull it out slowly.


Voila, now to test! (this cheese has a hole now!)

Day 3 photo

Todays prompt was “on my table”…

DSC_0410Jen:  we have visitors coming from Australia very soon so there are European maps and a calendar on my table.

DSC_0406Claudia:  my camera on its tripod.  I am using it to take photos and make videos.