4 countries in one day….


8am   Switzerland.

It seemed like a very good idea to show the Johnsons just how close everything is here….

10am   Without any real plans we jumped in a couple of cars and headed to a very vague destination in Austria.


Imagine how happy the kids were when we arrive at Bregenz on Lake Constance and see the best-ever swimming pool extravaganza (that we didn’t know was there) and they haven’t brought their swimmers………


11am   We attempt to bribe the kids with food and pathetic lines like “look at how pretty the lake is” and “you are in Austria”.  EPIC FAIL.  We have to walk past the best-ever swimming pool extravaganza to get back to the cars.  (A little research wouldn’t have hurt……..)


1pm   We arrive at Lindau, Germany.  Tired, hungry and it is so hot we are all thinking about the best-ever swimming pool extravaganza.


We bribe the kids again with food.  They are happy.  The wood-fired pizza is really good.  (Of course we are eating Italian in Germany).  It was the first restaurant we saw and we just about ran in there.


Lindau is pretty.  The girls are happy because they see a statue of Poseidon and all is good again.  Thankyou Percy Jackson books.


We wander around and realise we have to get moving if we are going to get out of the country before peak hour traffic hits.


4pm  We arrive in Liechtenstein after a few close calls driving there.  I may have started to lose concentration and think I am in fact a passenger looking at the sights and not the driver of the car.  No-one is harmed.  We look everywhere for the Prince of Liechtenstein but he is probably sitting poolside at his castle enjoying a cocktail.  It is really that hot.

5pm   We decide to head across the border and go back to Switzerland for ice-cream.  The kids are happy.  The adults need a drink.

Yeah, that was a good idea Jen.


A lurgy and a principality

It is not until you are outside of Australia that you realise how many words we use that aren’t actually real words but have somehow become ingrained into the language.  Lurgy is one of them.  It is a very general term for being sick…. I have a bad cold that is probably a chest infection.  That is why I have been out of action for the last few days…. I’ve got a lurgy.

DSC_0798Despite my lurgy, I managed to get out on the weekend to visit our neighbour – the principality of Liechtenstein (just east of Switzerland).  It is the tiniest place and looks very much like Switzerland.  They even use Swiss currency here.  Some say that the prince can be seen jogging around the streets saying hello to his citizens.

DSC_0797He apparently lives in the castle seen in the middle of the picture.

DSC_0811We didn’t really have a plan when we went there.  We just followed the road that winds up the mountain, stopped at a spot that looked nice,  and started walking long the river.

DSC_0808It turned out to be a nice day despite the low looming clouds.

DSC_0801Because of the abundant rain we have had there are plenty of slugs and snails around at the moment.  Some of them are huge.

DSC_0806And as always, there were some snow-capped mountains in the background.  So pretty.

DSC_0803We walked along the river at Steg and then went further up the mountain to Malbun for lunch.  This is very close to the Austrian border – it only takes about 1/2 hour from one side of this country to the other.

DSC_0814The Rhine river weaves its way through Europe.

DSC_0822Further down the mountain, beneath the clouds, the view was much clearer.  On the other side of the Rhine you can see Switzerland.