DSC_0001Silvester is the name for New Year in Switzerland.  Last night we went to watch the Silvester lantern parade in the old town market square.  The only good photo we got was this one because minutes later hundreds of people arrived and all the lights were turned off.  The square literally filled with people and in the darkness we ate Bratwurst that had been grilled over a fire with a thick wedge of crusty bread.  It was freezing cold and the sausage warmed our hands and our stomachs.  At 6pm the church bells rang to announce the hour and then the sound of drummers filled the air.  This was followed by a long procession of several hundred children (some only babies or toddlers rugged up in papooses) all holding a handmade lantern.  It was so dark I wondered how they found their way along the cobbled streets or that they weren’t frightened by the sheer numbers of people, but there was a calmness around them that was quite surprising.  The lanterns bobbed along in the night – some on long sticks, some held in the hand, some with tealights inside, and others with small battery-operated lights, all colourfully decorated and proudly held.  At the end of it we hurried home out of the cold and there may have been a little champers consumed……

Happy New Year everyone.  My resolution is to stay away from the konditorei…. yes, another year another broken resolution….